Five Fun Things To Do In Phoenix, Arizona

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If you have to go to Phoenix, Arizona for a business trip in the near future, be sure to take the time to see some of the great things Phoenix has to offer while you are there. There are some options that are very affordable and allow you to see and do amazing things. The following guide walks you through a few fun things to do the next time you are in Phoenix.

Enjoy Camelback Mountain

Camelback Mountain is a beautiful mountain located in Phoenix. It has two major trails that you can use to hike or go bird watching. One of the trails is designed to be ideal for beginner to intermediate hikers because it is not quite as long or as steep as the second trail.

Visit a Real Ghost Town

While you are in Phoenix, take a drive over to the Goldfield Ghost Town to see how it was for cowboys back in the old days. The buildings have been there since the 1890's and still have all of the authentic décor and style of the time. There is also a saloon in the town where you can stop to get a bite to eat while you are there.

Tour a Castle

The Tovrea Castle is a castle in Phoenix that has been restored to its original beauty and is now available for you to tour. You will get to go on a guided tour of the home and garden to learn everything there is to know about the beautiful castle. The estate is not very large, so the tours run in small groups.

Phoenix Zoo

The Phoenix zoo is always a great place to visit, especially if you have children. There are many animals to see year-round because the zoo is open every day. Be sure that you take the time to read the signs posted in front of each viewing area so that you can learn more about the animals that are living in the space.

Visit a Garden

The Desert Botanical Garden can be a great place to see many different types of plants all in one place. Not only will you be able to enjoy the wonder sights and sounds that the foliage has to offer, but you can also enjoy the butterfly garden that is available at the garden. The butterfly garden features many different types of beautiful butterflies that flutter by and land on you from time to time.

Visiting Phoenix can be a lot of fun if you are willing to take time out of your busy schedule to see what it has to offer. The great thing about all of the activities mentioned is that they do not require reservations. On a moment's notice you can take off to see one of the many great things Phoenix has to offer.