Creative Balloon Decorating Ideas

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Balloons have become the almost universal symbol for parties and celebrating. If you are trying to embrace the inherent festive charm that comes with balloon decorating, but are also trying to make your party look more unique, here are some things you can do to make your balloon decorations stand out.

1. Add extras. 

Instead of simple balloons and ribbon, you can upgrade your balloons by adding more decor to the balloons. For example, you can wrap colored balloons in tulle and tie the tulle at the bottom with a ribbon or burlap strip The tulle adds texture and covers up the usual plastic-y look of the balloon decorations. This look is more formal, so it's better for events like weddings, retirement parties, or a shabby-chic birthday party. Other extras could be regular cotton fabric of certain patterns, lace, or silk flowers. You could also use a glue stick to make the outside of a regular balloon sticky and then dip the balloon in glitter for a more glitzy, modern feel. 

2. Use the balloons as building blocks for more elaborate centerpieces.

Balloons provide a blank slate to create more detailed or specialized objects. For example, you can use helium-filled balloons to make your own hot air balloons by wrapping yard around the balloon and hanging a small basket from the yard. To ground your flying balloons, the baskets can hold candy or gift cards. These are great for kids' birthday decorations or baby showers. You could use paper appendages to make green balloons into turtles or use small balloons (that are normally used for water fights) tied in clusters to make larger flower shapes. 

3. Go beyond string and ribbon.

Balloons themselves are not the only thing you can change. Instead, you can really make a statement by getting creative with the ribbon/string. For example, for a wedding, you might use strings of beads, like fake pearls or wooden toggles, instead of ribbon. These weight the balloons so you don't have to worry about them floating up the ceiling. You could also use several strands of ribbons instead of just one, or even weight the balloons down with tiny paper chains. You can also use fishing wire as the string and then add things like pennies, gold paper circles, or charms to give the illusion that the items are floating and the string is not present.

For ideas for unique balloon decorations, contact a party decoration business in your area.